Interior Trim and supply FAQ

What Types of items do we keep in stock?
We stock many of the most popular styles of baseboards, crown mouldings, casings, chair rails, window stools, trim mouldings, etc.  We have a large stock of staircase parts including treads, handrails, newels, balusters, etc.  In addition to red oak and poplar, we also stock stair parts in white oak and hickory.  Due to the various styles and sizes we do not stock doors but orders for common styles can typically be filled within a week.  Please call to ask about your specific needs.

How does our cost compare to Big Box Stores and Lumbar Yards like Lowes, and 84 Lumber?
Compared with box stores we will generally have a larger inventory and selection at a lower cost.  Compared to lumber yards we will typically have a larger selection with better quality and our pricing will be in-line with those competitors.  We will almost always be less expensive on special order items.

How far do we deliver?
Every delivery depends on the size of an order.  On a regular basis we are working a 75 mile radius from Chattanooga with occasional jobs outside that range.  But we will say that we will happily deliver anywhere in the southeast US if the order is large enough.  

How many manufacturers do we represent?
We have sold trim, doors and millwork items for many years. Over those years we have been able to develop many relationships with suppliers that provide the best products with the best service and competitive pricing.  What’s important to us is not how many manufacturers we carry, but the quality, service and price we can provide for our customers.  We have a core base of about 15 suppliers but we are able to purchase from many more when the need arises.

Do we carry any products exclusively in our area?
We are the only stocking dealer for Koetter Woodworking products within a 100 mile radius.  Koetter Woodworking is proud to be the Midwest’s leading manufacturer of quality, architectural wood products.  We are also a leading provider for Metrie products including being the preferred supplier for their newest Option M styles offering lower prices with faster delivery than any other supplier in our area.

Do we sell to the general public?
Yes.  When you visit our showroom we will assist you with your selections, answer your questions, and complete your order while saving you money and providing delivery to your job site if needed.

How long does it take to get special order products?
Special order falls into two general categories.  There are items that are non-stock for ITS, but are stocked within our supply base and those products are typically available within 2-5 days.  The other category would be considered custom items that need to be manufactured.  Custom trim and stair parts will generally be 2-3 weeks while doors could be 4-6 weeks.  Please call us to get a timeline for the items you need.

Why us instead of the Big Box stores and Lumber yards?
Because supplying millwork, stair parts, doors, finish hardware, and premium decking IS our business.  Our expert staff has over 100 years of combine experience in our field.  The primary job of most big box store employees is to stock shelves, not gain product knowledge.  Lumber yard sales staff are required to know a little about a lot of items.  Our staff has specialized knowledge of all the items we sell.  Our service is unrivaled.  We will answer your call, provide an accurate quote, complete the sale, and deliver your order promptly if required.  We love what we do and it shows in our service!

Where are we located and when are we open?
We are open Monday - Friday from 7:30 to 5:00. Our showroom, warehouse, and sales center are located together off Bonny Oaks Drive in East Chattanooga. Anyone in the metro Chattanooga area can drive to our location in 30 minutes or less. Our address is 7257 Bonnyshire Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37416. [See Map]

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