Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Installing a new Brazilian hardwood deck is an investment in something which will literally last a lifetime, while raising the value of your home, and eliminating all of the headaches of typical decks. Brazilian hardwood decking offers the utmost in a hassle-free, low-maintenance addition for your home. To ensure maximum color longevity, you can apply deck oil once per season. Other than that, forget about the need for treatments to prevent rotting or insect problems, forget about needing to replaced warped wood, or anything else.

Brazilian hardwood is beautiful, and comes in a gorgeous array of colors and species (see below). Every deck will have its own unique aesthetics, and there's really nothing quite like it. It's also natural and chemical-free, and our RealWood™ certification ensures that it has been sourced with a focus on sustainability and responsible forestry.

We NOW carry this gorgeous hardwood decking IN STOCK! Call for pricing, delivery and details!

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